Shelving manufacturers UK Peterborough

When it comes to optimizing storage solutions, shelves play an important role. Whether you’re setting up a new retail store, designing a warehouse, or simply looking to declutter your home or office, it’s important to find the right shelving contractors. In Peterborough, UK, many leading manufacturers offer a wide range of customized styles to meet different needs.

Why Choose Shelving from Peterborough?

Peterborough is a historic town in Cambridgeshire with a thriving manufacturing industry. The city’s strategic location, excellent transportation and skilled workforce make it an ideal destination for fashion designers. Companies here benefit from a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, ensuring they can deliver high quality products.

Leading Shelving Manufacturers in Peterborough

1. Link 51:

Link 51 shelves are a well-known name in the industry, offering durable and versatile shelving solutions. Their range includes everything from simple cupboard units to custom designed complex storage units. Known for their durability and functionality, Link 51 shelves are perfect for warehouses, offices and retail.

2. BiGDUG:

BiGDUG offers a range of shelving solutions that meet the needs of different industries. They are primarily known for their heavy-duty shelving, which is ideal for warehouse and industrial applications. BiGDUG also offers customizable shelving options, ensuring you can find just the right fit for your specific needs.


Specializing in shelving and racking, offers high quality products at competitive prices. Their wide range of pallet racking, long span shelving and mezzanine floors make them a one stop shop for all your storage needs Their focus on customer satisfaction and efficient service has earned them a trusted reputation in Peterborough and beyond.

4. Rapid Racking:

Rapid Racking prides itself on providing fast and efficient shelving solutions. Their range includes everything from office cabinets to heavy industrial cabinets. With an emphasis on durability and ease of assembly, Rapid Racking’s products are designed to meet the demands of today’s storage challenges.

Key Considerations When Choosing Shelving

Selecting the right shelving involves more than just picking a sturdy option. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Load Capacity Make sure the shelves you choose can handle the weight of the items you want to store. Industrial warehouse systems generally call for heavy-duty options, while lightweight materials may suffice for an office or retail environment.

2. Use of Space Efficient use of space is important. Look for shelves that maximize vertical and horizontal space, especially in space-constrained areas.

3. Accessibility Consider how often you need to access the inventory. Flexible shelving units can meet changing storage needs and improve accessibility.

4. Customization Customizable shelving solutions can be adapted to your specific needs, providing flexibility as your storage needs evolve.

5. Durability Invest in wardrobes built to last. High quality materials and robust construction are essential for longevity and safety.


With a rich heritage in manufacturing, Peterborough offers some of the best wardrobe solutions in the UK. Whether you need industrial-strength shelving for a warehouse or stylish and functional options for retail space, City Builders has you covered so you can find the perfect shelving solution that meets your needs through key features like load capacity, space utilization, accessibility, customization and durability

Explore offerings from local manufacturers such as Link 51, BiGDUG,, and Rapid Racking to find high-quality, reliable shelving systems that keep your storage quality and organization going high.