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Many organisations overlook the business benefits of a simple, yet highly effective, shelving system. Shelving not only stores a whole host of items safely and efficiently, creating a more organised workplace, it also provides easy access.

At Mowbray, we design, supply and install a wide range of bespoke shelving for offices, factories and warehouses of all shapes and sizes to increase storage capacity and maximise efficiency.

We work with a number of major UK and European shelving manufacturers to provide options including:
  • Longspan Shelving

A continuous storage solution running uninterrupted between a series of bays or pillars, longspan shelving is ideal for commercial, industrial and retail sector businesses with bulky materials and goods to store.
  • Mobile Shelving

Ideal for settings where space is limited, mobile shelving offers high-density storage with units which can be closely packed when access is not required yet easily moved to open up an aisle to allow access.
  • Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving can be moved and adapted according to your business' changing needs, with fully adjustable shelves which can be raised or lowered to increase storage space.