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In a warehouse or factory, pallet racking systems not only provide much-needed storage space and the ability to access goods and materials quickly and easily, but also reduce safety risks.

Mowbray offers a vast range of pallet racking systems
from trusted manufacturers from the UK and Europe.

Our team of in-house project managers can tailor pallet racking systems to suit your space and business needs.
  • Very Narrow Aisle Racking

The perfect solution where space is at a premium as this system requires less floor space for the aisles.
  • Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

Our most popular system which suits virtually any type of business as it requires no specialist equipment.
  • Live Storage Racking

An ideal solution for perishable and high consumption goods, built-in gravity controlled rollers allow a continuous flow of pallets and simplifies the picking process.
  • Drive-In Racking

Making optimum use of vertical and horizontal space by eliminating forklift operating aisles, this is the ideal solution for storing large quantities of single-SKU pallets.
  • Push-Back Racking

Perfect for storing medium-turnover products utilising the Last In First Out load method, access is from a single work aisle.
  • Bespoke Racking

Mowbray can create a bespoke pallet racking system tailored to your business' specific needs and budget.