Acquiring three new warehouse units to meet increasing customer demand for the company's award-winning brownies and bakes, Cakehead invited Mowbray to discuss installing a racking system to optimise available storage space.

But the scope of works evolved quickly to include creating new staff facilities, installing flooring and designing additional pallet storage within a restricted space for the business in Oakham, Rutland.

Cakehead required storage for a minimum 350 UK-size pallets, although Managing Director Chris Finnegan had high hopes that a solution could be devised to accommodate 400.

Rising to the challenge, racking experts Mowbray removed a dividing wall to turn two of the warehouse units into one and installed a Very Narrow Aisle racking system, easily accessible by articulated forklift truck. The solution exceeded client expectations, accommodating 440 pallets.

The extended works included designing and installing staff facilities, comprising an office area, kitchen space and accessible toilet with air conditioning and LED lighting. The racking configuration and existing drainage layout required a section of the warehouse floor to be excavated to lay new drainage for the staff facilities.

A restricted timeframe for the completion of works before operations were scheduled to commence, saw Mowbray lay more than 7500 square foot of hard-wearing, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean epoxy resin flooring in one weekend, with designated zones for high-risk traffic and pedestrian gangway demarcation.

Having already installed a raw goods refrigeration unit in the remaining warehouse, Cakehead wanted to use the restricted floor area to store finished goods and a minimum of 26 pallets of packaging materials.

With space at a premium, Mowbray’ solution was to design and install Push Back Racking, providing higher pallet storage density than other forms of racking, to create a 45 pallet total capacity.

"We approached Mowbray as we heard they were a professional, efficient, competitive and quality-driven company, I have to say they didn't disappoint, in fact they surpassed our expectations in all aspects, I would definitely recommend Mowbray and would use them again without hesitation."

- Mr Finnegan, Managing Director
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