When a world-leading ventilation systems manufacturer faced a spatial conundrum, the company turned to Mowbray to devise an effective solution.

The business' growing order book meant its Northampton-based central distribution centre required additional and more efficient storage space.

Product was being stored in single-deep pallet racking or simply stacked on the floor in a building with a linear design - long and relatively narrow - with just one useable entry and exit for goods in/out.

So, a creative solution was required to significantly increase the existing 2,000 pallet storage capacity.

In addition, all works needed to be undertaken while the distribution centre remained operational.

Mowbray devised a solution which not only satisfied the client’s immediate additional storage space requirements, but also future-proofed the distribution centre.

The existing pallet racking was removed and a UK-manufactured double-deep system, configured to optimise the entire available space, installed.

The new space-saving racking
- with one pallet positioned behind another and therefore providing twice the storage density per level - the site is now capable of accommodating more than 5,000 pallets.

Mowbray supplied and installed planed timber decking as a first pick level with the remaining levels being steel mesh.

Requiring specialised pallet handling equipment for product picking, Mowbray collaborated with a specialist forklift truck provider to ensure the new racking system would be practical and workable.

The redundant pallet racking was repurposed by Mowbray at the ventilation systems manufacturer's Manchester storage facility.

The installations were completed without disruption to operation at either site and delivered on time and to budget

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